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Meeting of all North Yorks/South Durham Ramblers Groups

Two colours logo GIF 200 x 149Geoff Fieldhouse and yours truly represented Northallerton Ramblers at a meeting on 21/2/2017 convened by HQ to explore how the Groups' were managing without an Area Committee and what, if anything, Groups needed by way of support.
The meeting was attended by Kate Ashbrook, a member of the Ramblers Trustees, and the two staff who have been appointed as Area/Group Liaison Officers for England North and South. 

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Ramblers Roadshow in Leeds on 18 March

RamblerCome along to the free Ramblers Roadshow event in Leeds on Saturday, 18th March. Having been to two of these events in the past, I can assure you that these are very worthwhile. Take part in free workshops - whether you're taking your first steps as a new walker, or regularly volunteer with the Ramblers, there is a workshop for you! To find out more about what is available and how to book, CLICK HERE.      Ian


NYCC Consultation on Public Rights Of Way

NYCC are undertaking a survey of all interested people/bodies concerning the above, given that it has a legal duty to maintain all footpaths - budget restrictions make the task impractical.
Survey details are available on the NYCC website.
John Marshall, our Footpaths Officer, is submitting a response on behalf of the Group and would like to hear from anyone who wishes to contribute. Ring him on 01642 701960. Note that the consultation ends on the 19/03/2017.
He reminds all members that they are free to comment directly to NYCC.
Ramblers nationally will also respond.
This is an important piece of work by the County Council so please get in touch with John if you have any concerns you wish to raise.


Don't loose your way - March 4th

Ramblers are organising a joint training session with the British Horse Society on finding and claiming lost ways on Saturday 4th March in Darlington.
Click the link below for more information including including how to book.
More information is available on Ramblers website:

First Aid Course

1st Aid
On the 23rd of January 2017, fifteen members of Northallerton Ramblers attended a First Aid course presented by Steve Smith. Steve is an independent trainer, member of a Mountain Rescue Team and a First Aid Responder for the NHS. His presentation style was entertaining and at the same time very informative and given in a way that was easy to understand. Everyone who attended the course came away with something they could use in an emergency situation. He demonstarated the benefits of a Defibulator and emphasised that First Aid training is for everyone, not just for Ramblers. He highlighted the need for everyone, not just the walk leaders, to carry first aid kits which include a foil blanket.
A few points picked up on the course: 
    • Carry a spare old mobile as you can still call 999 or 112 even though there would be no sim card in the old phone make sure its fully charged.
    • Carry a card in back pack with other contact details, allergies and any medication that is being taken.
    • If there is any chance of getting a defibrillator call 999 or 112 for the code to unlock it they will give it to you.
    • For those with walking poles wrap some Gaffa Tape around them could come in handy in emergency situations.
    • Carry a 300 mg Aspirin in your first aid kit in the event of someone suffering a heart attack.
    • In the event of any one having a epileptic seizure put the person somewhere safe and just stand by and watch for 5 minutes and time it before attempting to anything else.
The Venue, Thornton Le Street Village Hall provided excellent facilities as usual.
 Many thanks are due to Geoff Fieldhouse for all his efforts in organising this event.

Key points from our AGM

Susanne Davison - We are delighted to welcome Susanne as our new Recruitment/Publicity Officer
Martin Davies has officially stood down as Walks Secretary - his efforts have been highly appreciated. George Bateman takes over.
BBQ  or equivalent - Geoff Fieldhouse to host in July 2017
First Aid Training - look out for Geoff Fieldhouse's email on the subject
Walk/potential walk leaders - any issues entering proposed walks on walkfinder - contact Ian, George or Robert.
 AGM Minutes have been uploaded and are under the Members area.

Improving support for Ramblers groups and areas

Ramblers are asking all group and area volunteers to take part in an important survey. The answers will make a big difference in helping them improve support for our area and group volunteers across England, Scotland and Wales. The survey is open until Friday 31 March 2017.
Northallerton Ramblers Committee is responding to this survey on behalf of the group but if there is anything you would like us to add please let Alan or myself (Ian) know. Click here to see our response. However, the survey is open to all volunteers whether committee members or not, so if you want to fill in the survey please feel free to do so, so long as you ensure you fill it in as an individual.
Click here for more information on the Ramblers website. There are links on this page to a paper version which you can download and to the actual survey itself.

Big Pathwatch - 14 November 2016

The Big Pathwatch reveals 59,000 problems on our path network.
14 November 2016
Pathwatch campaign
The Ramblers has today, 14 November 2016, released the results of the Big Pathwatch, the nation’s biggest ever footpath survey.

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Newsletter from our CEO

Geoff and Alan have recieved a Newsletter from Vanessa Griffiths, our new Chief Exec. She wants us to show this to all members of the Group.  Click here to see the Newsletter.

Changes to Walks

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For details, refer to the Walk Program.

Friday, February 24, 2017